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Katy Perry Dark Horse Video Nail Art

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After my daughter and I watched the new Katy Perry Dark Horse Video, I realized that the nail art was TOTALLY legit.  I want to try every single of these dark horse nail art designs, but for now– I put them all in a handy collage. In case we all need to refer back to the awesomeness.

Katy Perry Dark Horse Video Nail Art

Okay, the Dark Horse video starts off with the awesome blue and black nails. Those are super easy. I will do a tutorial for you soon. Promise.

Then, we get those fantastic cross-thingies (that I am sure have a more technical name.)

After that, the video goes into the whole Katy Perry is a statue and so her whole body is bronzed–including her nails.

Then we go back to the super cool blue manicure again, but her ring finger has a white accent design that is totally fetch. (We’re still saying fetch, right? Oh, we never were? Well, this is awkward.)

Then we go to stripper pole Katy (no comment), where she’s rocking a super cool blue and gold stripe. The blue is a little darker in this look than the other blues.

We also get to see one of her egyptian slave-types nail designsgyptian slave-types nail designs, and it is TOTALLY cool, I need to do this one on my nails post haste!

Finally, we get phoenix Katy, and as far as I can tell, she’s just got a really pretty blue on. (That’s the only one I am not sure of– sorry.)

The video, for reference:


Which Katy Perry Dark Horse video nail design are you going to try first?

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