What Happened to Kendall Jenner’s Eyebrows?

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The Met Gala is known for crazy and out of this world outfits but I think nobody expected this…


Kendall Jenner showed up wearing a dress that freed her nipples and also apparently, her eyebrows.

As in, her eyebrows were freed from her face (kidding).


As the Kardashians began posting photos with each other of their looks from the Gala, I couldn’t help but notice that Kendall’s face was looking different.


She didn’t seem to have any eyebrows and others certainly noticed it too…


Turns out, that was intentional as reports say, she actually bleached her eyebrows for the event.


So, I guess having your eyebrows bleached and not matching your hair in any way is the thing now?


No matter the reason, I think I’ll keep my eyebrows just the way they are.

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