Céline Dion Singing Baby Shark is Pure Magic

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One of my guilty pleasures is watching carpool karaoke and the most recent episode is with Céline Dion and honestly, it’s pure magic.

For those of you that may not watch the show, carpool karaoke is on The Late Late Show with James Corden on CBS where celebrities get into the car with him, talk and of course, sing karaoke.

The best part is, Céline Dion is quite quick to sing songs every time James Corden speaks which totally threw him off…

And it’s pure magic.

She even knew Rhianna’s famous “work” song.

And seriously, she is HILARIOUS. She was making faces and all sorts of jokes.

But the best part, was when she sang the “Baby Shark” song and NAILED IT even though she didn’t know it…

She is an incredible singer and pure TALENT and I only hope to see her perform live one day.

Check out the full video below. Enjoy!

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