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Lowe’s is Selling The Cutest Mini Toolboxes and I Need Them in Every Color

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I am always hunting for ways to get my collections of stuff more organized. I have so many things for so many different jobs and projects.

I was doing my typical online hunting of organizing ideas and I came across a post on Facebook, and y’all… this is what I need!

Image credit: Stuffed Animal Clinic of Madison, LLC

I don’t just need one, I need one in every color they come in! Each color would serve a different purpose, I am convinced that this is what is needed in my unorganized life to make me organized.

Image credit: Lowe’s

Am I crazy, or is this a must-have item for us girls that do a little bit of everything?

Image credit: Lowe’s

I need one for my art supplies, journaling supplies, book making, jewelry making, and of course I need one for dog stuff too!

Image credit: Lowe’s

They look just like the big dudes, but mini! They have a durable powder-coated finish, with aluminum drawer trim, and friction slides.

Image credit: Lowe’s

The KOBALT mini toolbox holds up to 5 lbs per drawer to keep all your equipment/junk organized.

Image credit: Lowe’s

The mini Kobalt toolbox measures just 10.83-in, has two drawers, and sells for just $19.98 at Lowe’s! You can even use one to store your makeup!

Image credit: Lowe’s

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