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Bath & Body Works Now Has a Line of Designer Perfume Dupes That Won’t Break The Bank

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If you are a perfume person, this post is for you!

I skip perfume because we have a love-hate relationship. I like the scents… briefly, but then I really hate the migraines that they trigger.

So, none for me, please… but this post is for you, not me!

I had no idea there was a #PerfumeTok on TikTok, my feed is filled with dogs and I rarely get something outside that algorithm. But, yes… there is a #PerfumeTok and that’s where we found out about these new products.

Image credit: RoPhilMo

Currently, nearly every new scent going viral on the app is from Bath & Body Works.

Image credit: RoPhilMo

Bath & Body Works just recently dropped a designer-inspired collection of fragrances called ‘Everyday Luxuries’.

Image credit: RoPhilMo

There are 10 new fragrances in the line and TikTok user TikTok user @zachdeparfum did a video review.

Let me tell you something, some of these are really spot on, and others are a little bit more inspired by, but overall the quality is very, very good.

Zach said in his TikTok video review.

Have you checked them out yet? If so, which one is your favorite?

You can see the Bath & Body Works Designer Fragrance Dupes Here.

Image credit: Bath & Body Works

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