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LuLaRoe Halloween Prints Are HERE!

Alright everybody if you’re a LuLaRoe fan, then you already know that they have been killing it with these Disney Prints, but LuLaroe Disney Halloween is simply insane. You just need to remember that these prints are going to be crazy limited and this is going to be one o those times you basically have to drop everything and find your favorite before it’s gone. Forever.

So far I’ve seen the Disney Villains! How is this even possible? I mean, last year’s leggings were cute, but this year’s leggings are OFF THE CHAIN.

Everyone that knows me knows that I have a serious, hard core Disney Villain addiction. As in, if I could actually become a Disney Villain, I would. I totally would.

Here’s the deal, Halloween is my favorite time of year. It’s my favorite holiday, and Disney is my favorite thing. I am NOT the only one who feels like this. There are a lot of people who shop the LuLaRoe trends and these are the people who are going to show up at the live shows, eyes propped wide from massive doses of caffeine, fingers poised over the “MINE MINE MINE” button, ready to do whatever it takes to bring these styles home.

I ‘might’ be one of them. The good news is, the LuLaRoe promos show a crapton of amazeballs unicorns so even if Halloween isn’t as big of a deal to you, I am sure you will find something you love.

Also spotted in the promo pictures are NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, Cheshire cat, Cruella DeVil, Scar, the Queen of Hearts and Maleficent!

Not spotted, but hoped for, are those cute little skull unicorns from last year, and some of the other non-disney styles. So far they’ve only announced leggings, but I’m crossing everything that we get some dresses and shirts like what they did with the LuLaRoe Disney!

This is your notice: LuLaRoe Halloween for Disney prints have been spotted, and they are gorgeous. Get ready to stalker shop.


Thursday 23rd of November 2017

Hi Mary, was wondering if I could chat with you about Lularoe designs! I'm curious how many prints are there at any one time, and is there a catalog somewhere of all the available prints?

Wendy MARI Ernst

Wednesday 18th of October 2017

I want chesire cat abd nbc


Monday 16th of October 2017

I need women's lock shock and Barrel leggings

Jo-Ann Griffin

Friday 22nd of September 2017

I'm brand new to LuLaRoe, could you please tell me how this works? Thank you

Meghan Cooper

Thursday 21st of September 2017

OMG those Jack Skellington ones are my favorite!!!