Making mini deadlines for myself…

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As a stay at home mother, I don’t really have any deadlines that have to be met. I mean, the dishes and laundry need to get done and all that, but if they don’t… well it isn’t really the end of the world, now is it?  Now that I am trying to write, I sometimes find myself supposedly writing, but actually reading blogs, twittering, and online shopping.  (Online window shopping is so fun!  You really should try it some time!)  So, I have decided to give myself a little deadline… I feel like my book is about 10k short in length, and I know exactly where that 10k is missing from… so I am just going to put  myself on a deadline, and keep it honest by blogging about it here.  I plan to do 2,000 words a day for the next five days.  I will do this, oh yes I will.  So, keep me honest!  Check up on me!  Yell at me if I miss my deadline!

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