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My Review of the Cult Blackbox Nail Art Kit

Cult November BlackboxThis is not a sponsored post, and there are no affiliate links here. I saw the Cult Blackbox Nail Art Kit on Facebook, and decided I wanted to check it out. They probably don’t even know I exist.

Here’s the deal:

  • Cult Cosmetics offers a monthly nail art kit called Black Box. It’s $24.98, but you can get your first month for $14.98. ($19.99 plus $4.99 Shipping and Handling.)
  • All their formulas are “5 Free” and that is a good thing, because it’s supposed to be better for you, the environment, etc.
  • You get three full-size nail polishes and a nail art tool of some kind nail art tool in every box.

But, is this nail art kit worth 25 dollars a month?

Well, let’s take a look at exactly what you get…

Cult Cosmetics Black Box

When you open the box, (Cookie helped me open mine. He wanted to eat that crinkled paper SO BAD) it’s super cute. You get a shiny full covered card with nail art tips on the back, everything is REALLY well packaged so it doesn’t break in transit, and I was initially impressed.

Cult Cosmetics November Blackbox


In November’s Cult Cosmetics Blackbox, you get full sized of Cult Brand Nail Polish in Runyon, Mulholland, and Rose Bowl, and a black Color Club nail art bottle with a striper brush. The colors were fantastic, and I am impressed so far with the wear. Three days in, and I don’t have any chipping. That’s pretty good for me considering I usually have chipping within the first hour or so!

BUT– The nail art tutorial that came with the kit leaves a lot to be desired.

Cult Blackbox Nail Art tutorial


Basically, it’s like– here, draw these things on your hand and you have nail art. It reminds me a lot of this:

How To Draw An Owl


Would I buy this kit again? Yes, I am going to try it for one more month and hope their nail art tutorials improve, but for $25, it’s a little overpriced right now. This kit would be a steal at $20. (Which really means they should just give you free shipping.)

It’s not a terrible kit, but hopefully it will get better! And, I did try the nail art tutorial, even if it was kind of blah.

Cult November Blackbox

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