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It’s done! It’s finished! It’s OHMIGOSH!

I have officially written my first book… from cover to cover. There is a beginning, a middle and an end. It’s GOOD, and it makes me happy to read it. I can’t believe I finished it, but I got to the climax, and the book just sort of started writing the end all by itself!

I can’t believe that I could actually finish a book, but I did it! Oddly, I am a little speechless, and kind of freaked out that I made it through the book, but I am still excited!

There is still SO much to be done! I need to edit, re edit, and add, and take away! But, the story is there, and it is in book form, and that is all that matters to me!

So congrats to me! I am no longer an unpublished author writing her first book, I am an unpublished author putting the finishing touches on her first manuscript!


Saturday 31st of January 2009

I'm so impressed by what you've accomplished! Congratulations!!!

Melissa Marsh

Saturday 31st of January 2009

How exciting! Congratulations! Now the fun begins. :-)

kathryn magendie

Saturday 31st of January 2009

This IS such an exciting time! And I know what an accomplishment this is. Revel in it. As much as it seems there are many writers out there, really percentage-wise there are not many people on this planet who have actually sat down and written an entire book! KUDOS!


Saturday 31st of January 2009

Congrats!! (Now, the hard work begins.) Revising mine right now. Ug. What genre is yours?

Thanks for visiting.

Jenni James

Saturday 31st of January 2009

YAY! I remember that feeling sooo well! I finished my first book the end of April last year! It was the most awesome thing ever! I won't bore you with how many revisions and proof reads and things it has gone through... to get an agent (and now hopefully soon a publisher) but the best part is, it was DONE! Hats off to you! Your blog is fantastic! And if you ever have any questions, please let me know.