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Matthew McConaughey Is Flat In This Super Bowl Commercial And I Can’t Unsee It

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Want to see something disturbing? Well, this is it!

Matthew McConaughey Is Flat In This Super Commercial And I Can’t Unsee It!

Yes, he is literally flat – people are calling him ‘Flat Matthew’ or ‘Flatthew’ ha!

So, in this 3D Doritos commercial, Matthew Mcconaughey is talking about how lately he’s been feeling flat.

Which is strange because he is usually so positive and uplifting in his speeches.

He goes on about his day just being flat and having a hard time staying grounded so to speak.

Then he comes across this vending machine filled with 3D Doritos and slips inside (since he is flat and all).

He takes a bite of a 3D Dorito and BAM he is 3D again – or ya know, he gained 200 lbs from eating them ha!

You have to check out the commercial because it’s strange, weird and funny!


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