McDonald’s Confirms the Official Release Date for the Halloween Boo Buckets

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There are moments in life that make us jump out of our seat and this, is one of those moments!

After the disappearance of the Boo Buckets for several years, McDonald’s decided to bring back the nostalgic bucket just last October and I should say, this October too!

That’s right, the famous spooky pails are back at the golden arches, and the excitement for millennials who remember mom or dad passing the spooky pail in the backseat is through the roof.

Marking this the second year in a row for the Boo Buckets’ return, we’re hoping McDonald’s makes this a tradition every Halloween!

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The decorative pails, otherwise known as “Boo Buckets”, replace the traditional Happy Meal packaging for a Halloween decorated pail that holds your food.

What was only rumored to be returning just a few weeks ago, the Boo Buckets are officially coming back according to @snackolator!

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So not only are the Boo Buckets confirmed for their return, but the fast food giant has also decided to introduce a few new designs as well!

Unlike last year where McDonald’s only brought back three spooky pails, you can now count on four new Boo Buckets to be welcomed this Halloween season!

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This year’s Boo Bucket collection will include a mummy, vampire, a carved pumpkin, and Frankenstein faces on the front of each container!

The Halloween pails were so popular last year, (and will be this year), that there are even Boo Bucket Straw Toppers you can snag, thanks to Etsy shop owner @KCByCarrico.


So now you can replace the plastic straw McDonald’s gives you for a matching reusable one when you order a drink!

Now here’s the news you’ve all been waiting on the edge of your seats for… McDonald’s Boo Buckets will be returning this Halloween, on October 17 available at participating restaurants nationwide, for a limited time, while supplies last.

Starting Oct. 17, fans can get in the Halloween spirit at participating McDonald’s restaurants nationwide with four new Halloween Happy Meal® designs, including: MonsterSkeleton, Mummy and Vampire (launching for the first time since the OG purple Boo Bucket). They’ll be gone faster than you can say “boo,” so head to your local McDonald’s to get a festive pail while supplies last.  

McDonald’s Press Release
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