McDonald’s Is Bringing Us Two New Sauces That Are Made for Double Dipping

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It’s at no surprise that McDonald’s has several dipping sauces on the menu to choose from, considering one dipping cup, can make or break your meal.

And pairing the right sauce with your meal matters, which is why the golden arches are officially adding a plus two to their sauces menu.

The fast food chain is making history with their condiment lineup with one of the new dipping cups to be the first-ever breakfast-inspired sauce while the other, is a staple in the regional Washington, D.C. area.

Enter, the Sweet & Spicy Jam and Mambo dipping sauces.

Courtesy of McDonald’s

McDonald’s Sweet & Spicy Jam are for those who can take the heat.

Featuring a red pepper sauce with a tongue-numbing Szechuan peppercorn kick, and a side of extra heat from cayenne pepper, you can count on this fiery sauce to also add notes of apple cider vinegar.

Courtesy of @mnmtwinz

Mambo, is a tomato-based sauce that has a sweet, spicy, and vinegary taste.

The new sauce, inspired by the Washington, D.C. area is a must-have flavor to have in your condiment drawer.

Courtesy of @markie_devo

“We get inspiration for the food our fans love by exploring the incredible tastes and flavors found in communities across the country,” said Tariq Hassan, Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer at McDonald’s USA in a press release. “Sweet & Spicy Jam and Mambo Sauce live at the intersection of flavor and culture – pulling from decades of rich food history and tradition in local restaurants and home kitchens, and bringing the delicious spice, sweetness and kick of heat we know today’s customers are craving. To celebrate their arrival, we’re passing the mic to some of our biggest sauce fans – food content creators – to get their authentic reactions from the very first, drizzle, dip and bite.”

Tariq Hassan
Courtesy of @snackolator

McDonald’s Mambo and Sweet & Spicy dipping sauces release October 9!

Now the only question is to dip or drizzle on the two new sauces with your next combo meal.

Courtesy of @mcdonalds

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