Michaels Has An Entire Section Dedicated To The Movie ‘Hocus Pocus’ And I Think I’m Going To Be Broke

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Michaels Craft Store has a huge selection when it comes to Halloween decor and this year, they have an entire section dedicated to the movie, Hocus Pocus!

Michaels is obviously telling us two things here, number one, their favorite movie is indeed ‘Hocus Pocus’ and number two, they’re just as obsessed with the Sanderson sisters as you are!


From the looks of the photo, there’s no chance you won’t find exactly what you’re searching for regarding Halloween decor this year; as long as it’s ‘Hocus Pocus’ themed, there is plenty to choose from!


I’ve already spotted a few items that would look amazing in my apartment and you can choose from a variety of decorations such as ‘Hocus Pocus’ throw pillows, a witch’s brew cauldron, “It’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus’, and many more spooky items.

Thank you Michaels for saving 4 entire shelves dedicated to the movie ‘Hocus Pocus’, we are SO grateful!


Since it’s officially September 1st, it’s totally reasonable to start stocking up on Halloween decorations.

So what are you waiting for, go out and get your much needed ‘Hocus Pocus’ gear!

You can shop the Hocus Pocus collection in Michaels stores or shop online and use curbside pickup. Happy Halloween!


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