M&M’s Is Coming Out With A Sugar Cookie Flavor This Christmas And I Want Them Now

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Christmas just needs to go ahead and get here. We can just skip the rest of this madness they are calling 2020, and get to the good stuff!

Courtesy of Mars, Incorporated

M&M’s has just gone and announced their new Christmas flavor, and I’m drooling. I haven’t even tried them yet, and I’m already craving the sweet treat!

So, what’s the flavor? Wait for it — White Chocolate Sugar Cookie. *Squee*

Courtesy of Mars, Incorporated

I didn’t think they could improve upon a white chocolate M&M, but by-darn-it, they’ve gone and upped the candy game with a sugar cookie center!

This news is slightly mean — only because the flavor has been announced now, but won’t hit shelves until November. How rude!! *Smile*

With Christmas nostalgia in every bite, the seasonal must-have serves as a gooey, no-bake treat, and festive candy dish décor with red, green, and white lentils.

M&M’s Press Material
Courtesy of Mars, Incorporated

Before you ask — I’m assuming a “lentil” is a single M&M? I mean, I always thought the were beans. You learn something every day, don’t ya?!?

Want FREE White Chocolate Sugar Cookie M&M’s? Here’s your chance to get in on the tasty treat a little early.

On July 25, head to M&M’s official Twitter and Instagram pages and comment on either (or both!) of the posts for a chance to win a pack.

Yahoo Life

I know, I know — we haven’t even started thinking about Halloween candy yet. Dude, it’s NEVER too early to think about Christmas candy, AMIRITE?!?

Courtesy of Mars, Incorporated

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