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This Mom’s Family “Bathroom Swearing Rule” Is Pure Genius And I’m About To Start Using It

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My potty mouth has gotten me into trouble more than once with my kids.

Usually it’s when I say words like “stupid,” “jerk,” or “butt” that they get the most upset. LOL!!

Kylee Brindley

I’m not sure if they are actually flabbergasted that I would actually use such words, or if they are butt-hurt that they can’t use such foul language in their lives.

Sometimes there are just no other words to use to get your point across as well as curse words, am I right?!?

But, how do you teach kids that “bad” words are not necessarily okay to use in public, but are great at blowing off steam when need be?

There is one mom on TikTok that has come up with a genius solution to kids wanting to express themselves in a rather sailor-esque manner.

Kylee Brindley

Kylee Brindley calls her rule the “bathroom rule,” and it is meant to give her kids a little bit of vocabulary freedom without unnecessarily shocking teachers, grandma, or perhaps Sunday-school teachers.

In the now viral video of her explaining the new bathroom rule to her son, she takes him into the bathroom and quietly goes over the deets with him.

Kylee Brindley

The Bathroom Rule

You want to hear the new rule? It’s called the bathroom rule. If you ever feel like you need to say bad words or flip the bird or anything, you have to come in the bathroom, shut — by yourself — shut the door, and you can say all the bad words you want.

Kylee Brindley

You can flip off the bird. You can do whatever you want, but it has to be in the bathroom all by yourself. Okay?

Kylee Brindley

Kylee then leaves her son alone in the bathroom to do his thing — but not without a hidden camera to catch the whole thing.

He doesn’t even wait for the door to be completely closed before he flips the bird at the bathroom door.

Kylee Brindley

The kid then raises his hands in victory, like it’s the coolest thing he’s ever been allowed to do. LOL!

This idea is actually genius. It gives kids some clear boundaries, but at the same time, gives them some control over their own decisions.

Kylee Brindley

And, really, it’s all about learning to deal with control issues, right?!?

You can see Kylee Brindley’s TikTok video of the “Bathroom Rule” HERE.

Kylee Brindley

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