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Costco is Selling A Lululemon Softstreme Dupe And It’s Everything Your Wardrobe Is Missing

Sure, I’d like a closet full of Lululemon — their clothes are soft as butter and durable as all get out.

But, who the heck can afford Lululemon in this economy though, right?!?


That’s why I love a good dupe!!

It has to be a GOOD dupe, though. Not some scratchy, sewn all wonky, knockoff copy.

But, if you can find an awesome dupe, it’s definitely the way to go.


Why spend $130+, when you can get relatively the same thing for around 15 bucks?

I mean, you don’t get the Lululemon tag, but it’s definitely a no-brainer for the pocketbook.

Don’t worry. We got you!


You have to check out this amazing Lululemon Softstreme dupe that you can pick up right at Costco.

It’s called the Danskin’s Ladies’ Cozy Half-Zip Pullover, and it’s hard to tell a difference between it and the more expensive version.

This Danskin Pullover boasts wide cuffs, a kangaroo pocket, and even those thumbhole sleeves that the kids love so much.


It even comes in sizes XS through 3XL, so you are sure to find a size that will work for you!

You can pick it up in three different colors: Tan, Blue, and Green — or get one of each.

Pick up your own Danskin’s Ladies’ Cozy Half-Zip Pullover right on the Costco website.