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My Top Ten Favorite Movies of All Time…

Okay, so I was thinking, I wanted my blog to have a little more about me in it… so I thought I would see if I could come up with some top ten lists… and the first… my top ten favorite movies of all time…


Okay let’s start with number ten, and work our way up…

10. Gone With the Wind

This movie poster hung up in my bedroom for most of my adolescent life.  I remember reading the book for the first time in fifth grade.  It was the first time a book ever really changed me.  The movie was fabulous and an absolute tribute to the book.
9.  Grease

Grease was one of those movies that was just so fun to watch with your girl friends, and watch it we did… over and over and over again, until we knew all the words!  Plus. you just can’t beat the soundtrack.
8.  Twilight

Not because it was like movie greatness or anything, but because it brings me back to the story without actually having to read it… oh, yes, and the baseball scene has one of the best songs around.
7.  Aladdin

It’s fun, it has a catchy tune featuring Robin Williams, an Arabian Prince… or prince wannabe that is, and a monkey… what’s not to love?

6.  The Never Ending Story

This one doesn’t need an explanation, does it?  It’s greatness, and the first love story I ever loved myself.
5. Princess Bride

So, have you figured out yet that I am a TOTAL sucker for epic love stories that survive despite all odds being against them?  Good observation.  🙂
4.  Beauty and the Beast

What makes this movie fabulous?  Besides one of my favorite Disney duets ever that is, the fact that in the end SHE is holding him, and it is her kiss that brings him back to life!  Girl power people!

3. The Labrynth

Oh, where to start with this move… you have David Bowie in tights…. a dancing baby, crazy muppets… dogs riding dogs… it’s just too awesome.

2. Empire Records

This is one of those movies I watched for like my entire senior year of high school.  And, of course… Renee singing this awesome song!

1.  The Phantom

Billy Zane in a purple suit without padding, need I say more!  When I worked at the movie rental store in high school, we got promotional stuff for movies all the time, I still have my limited edition Phantom Ring.

So, there you have it, my top ten favorite movies of all time.  I know they aren’t all classics or anything, but they are all movies I would watch again and again and again!


Sunday 1st of February 2009

You and I have VERY similar taste in movies. And yes, Muse's song from Twilight is AWESOME! I listen to that soundtrack all the time!


Thursday 29th of January 2009

Okay, I'm totally with you on most of these but I have to admit I've never even seen Labrynth or The Phantom...