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Nestlé Toll House Has New Disco Morsels Covered In Edible Glitter For The Grooviest Cookies Ever

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I remember way back at the beginning of the pandemic we were on a huge baking kick. We were baking bread, cookies, cakes, everything, and anything.

I think we baked just about every kind of cookie there is. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating, we definitely didn’t make disco cookies!


Thanks to Nestlé Toll House, we can now make that happen with the new morsels. They are called Disco Semi-Sweet Morsels and Edible Glitter Morsels.


Get GROOVY with your tasty treats! Top pancakes, cupcakes, or bake into cookies or breads to add that EXTRA sparkle to your final product. Can you dig it?

Nestlé Toll House product description

The bag comes with a mix of semi-sweet chocolate chips and edible glitter morsels.

The edible glitter morsels look like glitter-covered chocolate chips! They’re 100% real chocolate too!

Imagine the creations you could make with these, it’s a super-easy way to dress up your baking.

One bag will make 2 dozen cookies! Perfect for a party, or simply just because, shoot I can see me just popping them from the bag.

You can buy the Nestlé Toll House Disco Morsels in a 5.5-ounce bag from Walmart for only $2.48. I can not wait to bake with these!


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