You Can Get Nestle Toll House Mini Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches For The Perfect Bite Size Treat

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Nestle Toll House has come out with a MINI Vanilla Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich, and I could be in some REAL trouble here.

They are the perfect size to just pop in your mouth. I could have the entire box shoved in my face before I even know what’s happened. HA!

Each package contains 12 bite-sized cookie sandwiches, full of delicious vanilla ice cream and decadent Nestle Toll House chocolate morsels.

Via SnackStalker on Instagram

Someone needs to keep these away from me. I love ice cream sandwiches WAY too much. Like, I can’t stop myself from devouring them ALL.

I traditionally make ice cream cookie sandwiches for myself. BUT, that entails baking up the cookies, making a mess with the vanilla ice cream, and dirting up WAY too many dishes in the process.

Thank the good people at Nestle, they have made my ice cream sandwich snacking so much easier — almost TOO easy!

You can’t EVER go wrong with the Nestle Toll House family of products. Like, even an UGLY cookie — like I tend to make — is a delicious feast.

Via Walmart

Just IMAGINE their tasty chocolate chip cookies in a snack size, and sandwiching a nice thick layer of vanilla ice cream. OMG! I need one in my life NOW.

Via Walmart

These have been spotted at Kroger grocery stores, but just wait. They are rolling out to a store near you soon. My store better stock up NOW, because I’m coming for them!

Via SnackStalker on Instagram

These Nestle Toll House Mini Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches just might be my SECOND favorite sandwich cookie, right after these Mickey Ice Cream Sandwiches. Sorry, Nestle, Mickey wins EVERY time!

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