I Am Officially Out Of The Running For Mom Of The Year

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Being Mom is my top priority. It comes before my career, my own friendships, and (obviously) housework. This means I spend a lot of time sitting at practices watching the daughter cheer, kick balls, or whatever the hell else she’s into at the moment.

Which is why I don’t really have time to do loads and loads of laundry.

not best at laundry

Oh, who am I kidding? Even if I sat at home all day long doing absolutely nothing, I’d still skip the laundry. It’s totally the suck.

When I went to get the daughter dressed, I realized her little zebra cheer shorts were in the washing machine–wet. No problem, we still had 20 minutes and they’re made of Lycra   That was more than enough time to dry… And so I threw them in with the other clothes I didn’t want to hang up last time I did the wash, then proceeded to help the daughter put on her cheer shirt, shoes, and socks. I even did her hair in a cute ponytail complete with matching bows. (That’s right- bow to my supermom hair fixing abilities. Also, I’m just now noticing that bow and bow are spelled the same…)

We jumped in the car, water bottle and snack in hand, with plenty of time to spare, and drove down to the gym. Finally. I was getting a handle on my five year old’s crazy schedule- and owning it.

I opened up the daughter’s car door to let her out of the child proofed backseat, and just as she was about to jump down, I noticed…

Under her cute little tank, there were no snazzy zebra shorts… instead, all she had on was a pair of bright yellow panties.


*hangs head, walks away*

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  1. Hahahaha! She didn’t notice either? I love this. So glad to know forgetfulness is not always related to the number of children you have. 😉

  2. Oh, Jamie, I feel for you. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve sent my sons out to meet the school bus without their socks or shoes. It happens, especially to busy mothers.

    1. @Ishta Mercurio, hah! The thing is… how do THEY not notice.. like, the chances of me leaving my house without realizing I don’t have pants on are WAY minimal…

      1. @Jamie, I think they notice, but they assume that because we’re the moms, we must know what we’re doing. Poor gullible trusting things; bless their hearts.

      2. @Ishta Mercurio, oh, I bet you’re right! Sometimes it’s scary just how much she trusts my judgment!

  3. Oh my gosh. I totally spelled phase wrong. What was I thinking? Yeah, Hooked on Phonics Worked for me. =p

    1. @Carolyn V, heh, you were trying to be cool and hip… yeah, let’s go with that!

  4. My enemies are the dishes!!! I HATE HATE HATE washing dishes. I don’t mind cooking. I will cook every night if I have to, but I want someone else to do the dishes. I wish Mr. Man Candy would do the dishes without my having to ask. I can only imagine what the kitchen will look like if we ever have kids. . .

  5. Oh no!!! How funny! I feel for ya! I think we moms all had moments like that. My littlest is at the faze where he like to run around in his undies. Yeah, it’s great when he decides it’s his turn to open the door. =P

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