Olivia Rodrigo Just Performed with Fake Blood On Stage at The Grammys

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The 66th Grammys are tonight and if you aren’t watching, you missed a really cool performance…

Olivia Rodrigo just performed her smash hit Vampire and she had some fake blood effects during her performance.

After the first few lyrics of her song, the camera zoomed in and you just see blood (fake) start dripping down her arm.

It was obviously a cool effect to go along with her song and as you can imagine, fans online are going crazy over her performance.

Fans are saying things like:

OBSESSED!!! Unlike vampires she did NOT SUCK!!!!


Amy Paige

And throughout her performance, the blood dripping just got worse and worse especially in the screen behind her.

Very fitting for her song and pretty cool if you’re into gore and vampires.

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