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Oreo Has New Salted Caramel Brownie Cookies And I Need Them Now!

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One of my favorite flavor combinations is chocolate, caramel, and salt!

Those three flavors together in nearly anything will quickly become a favorite treat for me.

I love it when Starbucks has the salted caramel mocha because it is one of my absolute favorite drinks and when they run out of roasted sea salt for the season, it’s a sad day.

OREO has a new cookie coming out this month that has taken my favorite flavor combination and combined it into one spectacular cookie.


I can not wait to try it as well as the Apple CIder Donut OREO!

Wes Styles – Instagram

The new cookie starts with your favorite classic OREO cookie, then they have it stuffed with not one, but two layers of the creme that are brownie and caramel flavored!

Then, they push those flavors even farther into a heavenly combination by sprinkling salt on top of the chocolate cookies.

We should be able to spot them in stores and online very soon since they are supposed to release this month (July 2021).

If you love them, then be sure to stock up, because like all good things these are a limited edition from OREO.

The new OREO Salted Caramel Brownie Cookies can be found wherever OREO Cookies are sold.


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