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Here’s The Real Reason Why Hot Dogs And Their Buns Are Packaged In Odd Numbers

Hot dogs are a staple food come summertime and who else finds it hard to turn down an old fashioned barbecue with sizzling meat and crispy buns on the grill.

If in fact you do dabble in the old fashioned backyard grill, you might have noticed that the hot dog to bun ratio pre-packaged in stores is preposterously uneven!

Courtesy of @heinz_ca

According to the National Hot Dog Sausage Council (who knew there was even such a thing), say that the odd number of meat and bread isn’t as weird as you might think.

The NHDSC says that the infuriating reason on why hot dog buns are sold in fewer counts rather than the pairing meat is because of two reasons, number one being because of the way meat and buns were sold back in the 90s and number two is because of the way the buns are baked!

Courtesy of @heinz_ca

“Sandwich rolls, or hot dog buns, most often come eight to the pack because the buns are baked in clusters of four in pans designed to hold eight rolls,” said the council: “While baking pans now come in configurations that allow baking 10 and even 12 at a time, the eight-roll pan remains the most popular.” 

National Hot Dog Sausage Council

Individuals around the world are so bothered by the uneven ratio that a petition was started by Heinz Ketchup Canada which currently has over 13 thousand signatures with a goal of 15 thousand signatures.

Courtesy of @heinz_ca

If and when a change is made to hot dog buns, always remember that one pack of hot dog buns are never enough folks.

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