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This Furry Ghost Pillow Will Help Bring Spooky Vibes To Your Home Just in Time for Halloween

Move over HomeGoods, a new must-have ghost pillow is in town!!

I don’t know if you heard, but people are going bat-shiz crazy for a Ghost pillow they are finding at HomeGoods.

Now, if you want the pillow but don’t want to fight for it, this is a great alternative for you!

Amazon is selling a furry ghost pillow that will bring you all the adorable spooky vibes and you know you need it.

This adorable furry ghost pillow measures approximately 15″ tall x 9-13″ wide x 5″ deep.

The front and back side is a soft white faux fur and the face details are embroidered.

This is such a cute pillow and is perfect for any spooky season fan!

You can get the Furry Ghost Pillow off Amazon for under $40 here.