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Parents Are Outraged About This Game Aimed At Young Girls And I Don’t Blame Them!

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So it’s right after Christmas and you know, kids got gifts. Gifts you would think if aimed at a 6-year-old would be safe. Little girls are obsessed with JoJo Siwa, and it’s from Nickelodeon, so you assume it’s a safe game.


JoJo’s Juice game is marketed for ages 6+. It has categories like “Who Knows JoJo Best?”, “Two Truths and a Lie”, “Never Has JoJo Ever”, and “Truth or Dare!”.

Posted by Heather Watson on Friday, January 1, 2021

While playing the game, which is made up of cards, players write the answers to the questions on dry-erase bows.

Posted by Heather Watson on Friday, January 1, 2021

Imagine thinking your 6-year-old daughter got an innocent card game and then realizing it isn’t so innocent at all.


While scrolling Facebook late last night I came across some outraged parents talking about this game. So of course I had to look it up and then I read the reviews.

Posted by Heather Watson on Friday, January 1, 2021

Very inappropriate game for kids. Asks questions about you being naked and everything else. Wouldn’t recommend this game for any child of any age!! My daughter loves JoJo, but after this game, I will not purchase any of her products. Only reason I put a star is cause I had to.

Annoyed – Walmart Review
Posted by Heather Watson on Friday, January 1, 2021

Be aware

I then learned some things about the game that other parents need to be aware of so they can make informed decisions. “Have you ever gone outside without underwear (bathing suit doesn’t count)?”… um what?

kmfleet – Walmart Review

My daughter received this for Christmas. It is inappropriate and grossly underaged. My daughter loves her JoJo bows but this game is going missing.

Amazon Customer

inappropriate questions for the age group this targets. Sick.

JOrr – Amazon Customer
Posted by Heather Watson on Friday, January 1, 2021

This game is horrible . So inappropriate. Asking questions like “Have you ever gone outside with out any underwear ” This is sick

Amazon Customer

There are so many posts about it right now because kids received this game for Christmas. Sad thing is, when I went to look at reviews, some of them were from 2018 and the game has not been changed.

Posted by Heather Watson on Friday, January 1, 2021

I read some of these questions to my teenage daughters, they couldn’t believe that this was in a game marketed for young girls ages 6+.

So please be aware of what questions are in the game, maybe pull out the cards that are inappropriate if your children have this.

In case you want to read the reviews yourself, you can find the game on Amazon here.


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  1. The game they have is a counterfeit product. People who bought the actual game say these questions are NOT in it.