Here’s Why Parents Are Putting Purple Pumpkins On Their Doorsteps This Year

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Halloween is that one day of the year where parents can let their kids let loose and indulge in as much candy as their little stomachs can handle.

It’s practically a tradition to let your kids eat sugar the entire night but let’s face it, the truth is many parents are nervous to send their kids out on their candy hunt this year. 

There are so many mixed opinions and even some towns/cities have gone as far as forbidding kids to trick or treat on Halloween night.

However, recently I came across an announcement on Facebook that might just save the day, or night rather. 

The genius idea involves painting a purple pumpkin and placing it out on your doorstep to let others know, it’s safe to let your kids trick or treat at this location.

This is a great idea considering it shows moms and dads which houses are safe to approach for their kids to ring the doorbell.

Plus, it’s an excuse to decorate yet another pumpkin to put out on the front lawn!

Whether you buy a purple pumpkin, cut one out of paper or paint one yourself, they’re calling the movement #OperationSaveHalloween and I personally, think it’s a considerable way for kids to trick or treat around the neighborhood safely.

It’s an incredibly difficult decision to make but if you do decide to send your kids out with a bucket of hand sanitizer and a mask, you can count on the purple pumpkins leading the way.

Are you letting your kids trick or treat on Halloween night?

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  1. This is silly. I’ve always decorated for Halloween & the kids come to my door. I dont think it’s safe this year so I wont have anything out or a light on. Everyone kniows that unless your kids are older, you have to go with them. No need for a purple pumpkin!

  2. My two cents – a lit pumpkin and lights on remain the universal symbol that trick or treaters are welcome… and they will be at our house. No purple required 🙂

  3. How is this different than the old porch light trick?

  4. There are sick people out there everyday, it’s the parents to continue to be mindful of those crazy ones; it’s not like the Pedophiles, creeps, and child killers just started being sick because of a purple pumpkin!

  5. A purple pumpkin is not a safety measure. Its to give you a false sense of security. Anyone including the sick individuals who harm children can paint a pumpkin purple. Go where you know,trunk or treat,neighbors houses. Protect your children.

  6. HORRIBLE IDEA! Pedophiles, creeps, child killers, etc. will also put out these pumpkins. Always walk up to every door with your child, regardless of age, trick or treat only at the homes of people you personally know, and skip houses that are dark. Take the same precautions as past years and forget about this cutesy idea of a safety marker. That is if, in fact, you choose to go out at all.

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