Magician David Blaine Just Floated Over The Arizona Desert While Holding Onto Helium Balloons And I Am Truly In Shock

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I swear, half the time I think magic is totally real and magicians are another type of species.

Have you guys ever heard of the incredible magician David Blaine? The guy that swallowed a LIVING frog and brought it back up a few minutes later!

Well his latest trick involved 52 helium balloons while he floated over the Arizona desert and I am simply amazed with his talent.

He calls it “David Blaine’s Ascension” and it is truly death-defying.

Of course the famous magician wore a harness, however he wasn’t wearing a parachute until halfway up his ride to the sky.

Oh, and did I mention he reached an altitude of 24,900 feet! I’m not afraid of heights, but someone would have to pay me to hold onto only helium balloons to reach that type of altitude.

His original goal was to reach 18,000 feet, which means David Blaine accumulated an extra 6,900 feet in the air, talk about an over achiever!

After he accomplished his goal and his feet touched the ground again, his daughter ran over with a well deserved “You did it!” congratulatory for her father.

You can also watch the entire video on Youtube below, if you don’t believe me yourself because trust me, I had to see it to believe it too!

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