On-The-Go Party Dippers With Ranch Dressing {And a Giveaway}

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Happy Ranch Dressing Day! Seriously, it’s a holiday, and today we are so happy about working with Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing to celebrate with these On-The Go Ranch Dressing Party Dippers!

I am sure if you spend any time over on Pinterest, you’ve seen the salads in a jar, but we wanted a fun kid-friendly way to take our veggies with us, and they didn’t want a salad!

party dippers

We love a good party at my house, and Ranch Dressing Day is the perfect opportunity to throw one! The thing is, spring is in the air and we want to take this party on the go! Outside where it’s nice! So, we packed up these Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Party Dippers!

What You Need To Make On-The-Go Party Dippers

  • Mason Jars (I am giving some of these away today!)
  • Veggies (All sorts of different veggies, the more flavors, the better!)
  • Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing

what you need to make on the go party dippersI love those little green Mason Jars! They are seriously adorable. I want to use them all summer long!

on the go party dippers with ranch dressing

How To Make On-The-Go Party Dippers

Pour some Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing into the jar.

pouring ranch into jar


You just want to get enough to eat your veggies with. You don’t have to go crazy.

mason jar snacks

Now add the vegetables. Start with something that will hold up well if it touches the dressing. I usually go with broccoli and stick it stem down. (Because I am probably going to skip that part anyway!) Then, you stack away, layering your veggies in a cute little pattern.

ranch dressing on the go party dippers


You want to make sure you stack all the way to the top so your veggies don’t shift around too much when you’re traveling. To eat these, you can either just dig in, or pour them out into a bowl. Both ways totally work!

And, because it’s Ranch Dressing day and because we love you, we have a GIVEAWAY worth over $75, so you can throw a Ranch dressing party any day of the year!


Ranch Dressing Day Giveaway

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