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Quick and Easy Back To School Breakfast Idea!

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School starts next week. Which means I have to start figuring out actual breakfasts for my kid again. (You know instead of that whole “we woke up at like eleven so we might as well just eat lunch now” thing we’ve been doing all summer….

The problem is, I straight up do NOT have time to make a big ol pancakes and sausage breakfast in the morning before school.

Or so I thought… I had so much fun working with Jimmy Dean to bring you guys the best ever before school breakfast idea!
easy and fun back to school breakfast ideaIt’s Jimmy Dean Pancakes and Sausage on a Stick! And it’s delicious. When my dad was a kid, and my grandma was trying to pinch pennies, she started buying the store brand sausage. My dad saved all his pennies and brought them into my grandmother. “Mom, can you please stop buying store brand sausage? I will pay for Jimmy Dean!” he begged. She laughed, and even today nobody in my family eats any other kind of sausage.

They have lots of different pancake flavors, but our fave is the original.

Jimmy Dean Pancakes and Sausage

I like that they are quick but you still get some protein in the mornings. My kid is all about needing some protein in the mornings!

Breakfast is way more fun when you don’t have to spend an hour cooking it. Oh, and we actually make it to school on time. So… everybody wins.

Make Back To School Breakfast Fun With Jimmy Dean


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