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R.L. Stine’s Has A New Zombie Movie. Here’s Where to Watch It.

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If there’s one thing you should do if there’s ever a zombie apocalypse, is to have an “underground safe area” to hide from the people who are well, trying to eat you.

Teenagers Mike and Amy find theirselves unprepared for a zombie apocalypse in a new Halloween movie, where the two are thrown into a reality where zombies rule the town they grew up in.

So I guess when the critics say to always be prepared for a zombie apocalypse, they aren’t kidding.

From the author who brought us Goosebumps and Fear Street, this next Halloween movie comes from one of R.L. Stine’s famous books, and will have you tossing your bowl of popcorn in the air.

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After pals Mike and Amy attend a horror movie premiere, their world is turned upside down (no, not Stranger Things upside down), when the film transforms the town around them into an area that’s overrun by zombies.

Now picture your real neighbor as a soul-sucking zombie. I couldn’t imagine.

Courtesy of @ComedySociety

Of course this all happens to occur on Halloween night which in horror films, is a classic, because we all know that nothing good ever happens on the night of freight for the main characters.

Starring Marlon Kazadi, Madi Monroe, Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, and Henry Czerny, R.L Stine’s zombie apocalypse book comes to life, or on our living room televisions anyway.

Courtesy of @ComedySociety

It’s up to Mike and Amy to find the film’s legendary director to put an end to the zombie curse before all of the town’s souls are sucked into a life as the living dead.

Courtesy of @ComedySociety

Zombie Town, premiers on Hulu tomorrow night, to officially start off the first full weekend of October!

And we’re just thankful, it’s not on Halloween night.

Courtesy of @R.L. Stine

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