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Reasons Why You Should Start Using Essential Oils

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Essential oils are starting to take the world by storm. But do they actually work? Are some better than others? Are they the newest hype or is this actually something that could help? If these are questions you’ve asked, this is the post for you!

Essential oils have been used to enhance lives for thousands of years, dating back to ancient times. Cleopatra was one of the most known in the earlier recordings of essential oils being used for both cosmetic and medicinal properties.

Essential oils offer a variety of benefits, ranging from cosmetic to dietary purposes, medicinal and emotional support as well. They can aid emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness that can be truly life-changing. BUT not all oils are created equally…

There are some oil companies, such as Young Living, that have Seed to Seal commitments that their oils are 100% derived from the plant source. No synthetics, contaminants, or cheap fillers, and definitely no using unethical production practices.

However, the stuff you buy at any regular store…that’s a different story. These can be filled with carrier oils that can dilute the bottle down to 5% natural oils. This is why so many people tried essential oils and then just assumed they didn’t work.

Some essential oils from basic stores even have fragrances added, which defeats the entire purpose of switching to a clean, chemical-free lifestyle. So where you get your oils from really, really matters.

The main reason that I use essential oils is for emotional support. I suffer from a high-functioning anxiety disorder that can get out of hand pretty quick. And most of my issues stem from a hormone imbalance. Did you know that essential oils can actually support correcting imbalances?

Another reason to use essential oils is for medicinal purposes. Allergies, headaches, digestion issues, insomnia, you name it.

Essential oils can aid in the support of these ailments, whether applied topically or diffused around you. Either way, the oils will hit your bloodstream and start a fun little frenzy of healthy help.


And no, you don’t have to be a super hippie, crunchy lifestyle type person to use oils. You don’t have to be into witchcraft or crystals. You don’t even have to be on the journey to a chemical-free home (although all examples are totally fine).

If you can pop a pill for a headache without thinking, think what one drop of an oil can do. (And it can hit your bloodstream within 15 minutes!)

I am hoping to start a small series of essential oils posts for the oily curious, starting here. If you are interested in starting your journey with essential oils you can click here to learn more!

Do you use essential oils? Which brand do you like? What is your favorite oil to use?

If you haven’t tried essential oils yet, what is holding you back? What questions do you have? And what oil would you want to try first?

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  1. More and more animals are having adverse reactions, some even deadly, to “essential oils”. If you have pets, please be careful!

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