Here’s Why You Should Never Bedazzle Your Car’s Ignition

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Drivers be aware.

If you tend to decorate the inside of your car, you might want to skip out on this popular decor.

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Bedazzled car decor have taken over the interior of many vehicles on the road as a growing new trend, and specifically one car product that you can get for less than five bucks on Amazon.

What’s dubbed the Bling Ring, this new car decal has a habit of shutting down car engines according to ABC7.

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Shiffra Steele, is one of the individuals who bought the sparkling decal only to experience a dead battery after applying the item.

In an interview with ABC7, Steele explained that the shiny decal is made to stick around the edges of your ignition for decoration.

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“I just saw this and thought, well, that’s cool. It goes around your ignition and that would be a really fun thing. And so I ordered it,” Steele explained to ABC7.

Shiffra Steele
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The Bling Ring for those who are asking, is a rhinestone decorated ring that fits around the push-to-start button for cars that include that feature.

According to ABC7, the morning after Steele applied the Bling Ring, her car wouldn’t to turn on even after recharging the battery.

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Steele then turned in her car over to the mechanic to be looked at.

“He had the car for about four days and he couldn’t figure it out,” Steele mentioned to ABC7.

Shiffra Steele

After visiting two different mechanics and even locksmiths who tried their best to solve the problem, it wasn’t until Steele had briefly mentioned her new car decor that helped solve the strange issue.

Once the Bling Ring was peeled off the push-to-start button, the car was instantly fixed!

Who knew a simple bedazzled car sticker that weighs nearly nothing could prevent a vehicle from starting.

Steve Sacco, a locksmith in Arizona has written articles on the very product that has been stopping cars from starting.

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In an interview with ABC7, Sacco explained why the Bling Ring has a pattern of shutting down vehicles.

“Certain members of our society like to decorate their vehicles,” Sacco said to ABC7 . “If the bling ring is around the ignition, guess what? The signal can’t get past that ring. So the car won’t start.”

Steve Sacco
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And it’s all due to the anti-theft system that are featured in most of today’s cars according to Sacco who told ABC7.

Since the bedazzled sticker includes a metal backing, once it’s applied over the ignition, the metal from the item blocks the radio signal, causing the anti-theft system to think that someone is stealing your car.

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Similarly like Steele, other buyers have even expressed their concerns in one-star rated reviews on Amazon, explaining their cars have also not started after applying the Bling Ring.

So when it comes down to decorating the inside of your car, it’s best to completely avoid this item.

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“This item was purchased as a Christmas gift from a child to her mother. It was installed, worked well and looks good around push button starter, said one Amazon purchaser.” “It disabled the other vehicle it was installed on when placed around the key bezel. This ring interfered with the electronic connection between key and car and is not recommended for use on key bezels. Otherwise the product looks and adheres good.”

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“Should have read reviews. This DOES mess up your push start and will not allow your car to start. Do not buy, said another verified buyer.

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