You Can Get Solar Fence Lights That Cast Sun Bursts On Your Fence at Night

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I have these and love them!!

If you are looking for a cool way to light up your dark yard at night, look no further!

The Quntis Solar Fence Lights are the perfect solution to illuminating your yard in a cool looking way.

Each solar light easily attaches to your fence using a single screw and it takes just minutes to install.

Once installed, allow the solar lights to charge during the day and during the night, they will illuminate sun bursts onto your fence.

These are also perfect for installing on decks and walls too!

I absolutely love mine and this summer we’ve had so many compliments on them when we’ve had people over. I highly recommend these!

You can get your Sunburst Quntis Round Solar Deck Lights on Amazon for $21.99 here. (Make sure to use coupon code A7XXH7D6 for 10% off through 12/31/22).

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