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You Can Get A Bunless Burger Bowl Off The Five Guys Secret Menu And It’s My New Obsession

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Did you know that you can get a Bunless Burger Bowl at Five Guys? Yes, I said in a bowl!!

I know, I was surprised too. But, it’s really a thing. They will actually put everything that would go on your burger — minus the bun — into a bowl for you.

Five Guys has to be one of my FAVORITE spots for burgers and fries on the planet.

I love just walking through that Five Guys front door. They have those FREE in-the-shell peanuts to greet you before you even step up to order anything!

Yesterday, I drove the 40 minutes it takes to get from my house to the closest Five Guys. I had a craving. When the cravings call, I grab my keys and go.

Now, my doctor had JUST griped at me early in the morning. She said I have to cut carbs out of my diet any way that I can.

So, when I stood in that Five Guys line to order, I had all the guilt. I knew the fries were gonna get me, and I was aware that the hamburger bun had to go.

Yes, they offer bunless burgers wrapped in lettuce. Yay. *Sense The Sarcasm

I was not really looking forward to a sandwich wrapped in lettuce. You just don’t get the same satisfaction from eating your burger cocooned in a big crunchy green leaf!

But, guess what?

If you don’t feel like eating a hand-held salad, they have an even better way.

They will put ALL the ingredients for your burger in a bowl if you know to ask for it.


Now, I know, it’s still not the same as getting that delicious, carb-filled bun to hold your hamburger guts.

However, it is WAY better than a big leaf of lettuce.

Now that you know bunless bowl burgers exist, all you have to say is “I’d like my hamburger in a bowl, please.”

They will ask you if you have an allergy. Just say “no” and go on with your order.

You can get all the FREE add-ons that you like. I get bacon, cheese, jalapeno, grilled onion, and A-1 sauce. It’s so amazing, and they will gently place it all in the bowl.

When you get your food, YUM!!

If you HAVE to do it bunless to cut the carbs, this is the way to go!!

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