Some Americans Aren’t Getting The Next Stimulus Check. Here’s Why.

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Within a few weeks most Americans will be receiving their third stimulus check in the amount of $1,400.

However, for some, that won’t be a reality. In fact, some Americans are not getting the stimulus check at all. Here’s why.

As you all may know, uncle sam always wants a piece of the pie.

In this case, The IRS wants their money aka the taxes you owe.

Just like with many other things, such as buying a house, your taxes have to be paid first. That’s what is happening here.

If you happen to owe back taxes to the IRS, you won’t be seeing your stimulus check.

The major issue is that the IRS hasn’t had the correct information to send stimulus checks to these people (could be because they haven’t filed tax returns at all for years or something else).

But if the person is eligible for a check and doesn’t receive it, they can claim it on their taxes. But if they owe back taxes, the IRS is taking that credit of stimulus check (which would come into a refund) and applying it towards taxes owed.

According to CNN, It’s been more than a month since the Taxpayer Advocate Service, an independent organization within the IRS,¬†called attention to the issue.

It argued that the agency could find a way to make sure people received the money as intended.

The issue “is a problem the law and the IRS have created,” wrote Erin M. Collins, the National Taxpayer Advocate, adding that “the rug is being pulled out from under eligible individuals with outstanding debts.”

So, as of right now, there is no fix. If you owe taxes, you won’t see a stimulus check unless something in congress is changed allowing those that owe, to receive one.

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