SONIC Has Mini Brands Toys and I Have to Collect Them All

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Do you love mini brands toys? Yeah, me too.

Well, SONIC currently has mini brands toys in their kids meals and they are the cutest things ever…

In fact, SONIC has limited-edition mini brands toys that come in things like tiny Sonic Drinks and even tiny tater tots and tiny coney dogs!!

Unlike regular Mini Brands toys, these are marked with numbers so you can hit up your local Sonic and ask if they have one of each number or any you are missing.

There are some super rare items like the Ultra Rare Red Glitter Roller Skate…We actually got one!!

Each Mini Brands toy comes with the plastic toy and a tiny SONIC bag with a hidden mint inside of it.

These are in the SONIC happy meals right now but if you are lucky enough to get someone nice, they will let you purchase the toys separately for $1.00 each.

RUN, don’t walk to get these before they are gone!

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