Squishmallows Halloween Costumes Exist So Your Kid Can Now Dress Up Like Their Favorite Squishmallows Plushie

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Who says it’s too early to shop for Halloween costumes?

From witches, to athletic players, to zombies, vampires, and now Squishmallows, your kid can now dress up exactly like the Squishmallows they currently have sitting at home!

Squishmallows Halloween costumes now exist and each Squishmallows design looks exactly like some of the seasonal Squishmallows plushies!

For spooky season, your kids can choose between three different Squishmallows costumes to dress as for Halloween this year.

Courtesy of Target

Seasonal Squishmallows plushies that look exactly like Emily the Bat and Holly the Owl are so far the latest Squishmallows costumes you can pick out for your kid.

And let’s not forget about Cam the Cat that’s also an available costume for Halloween this year!

Courtesy of Walmart

So not only can your kids turn into their favorite plushie from home, but each Squishmallows costume also comes with a matching pail sold separately.

Courtesy of JCPenny

Considering how popular the Squishmallows plushies are, we assume that these look-alike Halloween costumes will sell out fast.

So here’s where you can find the trending Halloween costumes.

Courtesy of JCPenny

You can currently find the Squishmallows costumes (and their matching pails) stocked at retail stores such as Target, Walmart, and JCPenny this Halloween season!

You can also get Adult Size Squishmallows Costumes here.

Happy Halloween!

Courtesy of Target

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