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Stanley Secretly Dropped A Black Iridescent Tumbler And It’s Giving Magical Vibes

If you are still a Stanley fan even after all of the drama with the Stanley Lead stuff, this cup is probably something you need to run to get ASAP.

People are finding these black iridescent tumblers that are giving giving total magical vibes.

Ivey Caldwell

This gorgeous Stanley tumbler is officially part of the Black Chroma collection and it totally makes sense.

It is a black tumbler with an iridescent logo and sheen around the lid of the cup. Reminds me of a black unicorn.

Now it’s important to know, this hasn’t officially been released yet but Dick’s Sporting Goods has accidentally released it early and some people are already finding these in-stores.

As with the other Stanley 40 oz tumblers, these will be priced at $45.

Bee JB

It will be worth checking your local Dick’s Sporting Goods store to find these.

You can also keep an eye on the Dick’s Sporting Goods website to see if they get stocked soon.