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Organizing Your Car

How many hours a day do you typically spend in your car? If you said “too many,” then I totally know the feeling. Why don’t teleportation devices that actually work exist yet? But I digress…If you spend a lot of time in your car, and especially if you spend a lot of time in your car with your kids, then I’m betting your car is just as much of a mess as mine is. No matter the reason that it got messy in the first place, Organizing Your Car (and keeping it clean) is going to make everyone happier in the long run…and make road trips look like a piece of cake!

how to organize your car

Organizing Your Car

The very first step to getting your car organized is to take out everything that’s already in there and clean the entire car inside and out. You can get this done professionally or do it yourself, but if you pick the second option, make sure that you are using a seat cleaner that won’t change the color or eat away at your seat to organize your car

Now that you’ve got a clean slate to work with, take a look at the tips below and see which ones will work best for you:

  • Keep a few bins in the trunk of your that you can use to store things like emergency items, toys for the kids, beach items, etc. Anything that normally clutters your car.
  • Put a small garbage can in the back seat and get in the habit of throwing trash in there instead of on the floor. This will make it easy to clean up later!
  • Use back of the seat organizers! If you have children who keep their toys and activities in the car, this will be perfect for them. They might even distract you less! (I know, wishful thinking.)
  • Keep a handy kit in the glove box. Get a Ziploc baggie and add in some things like nail clippers, toothpicks, napkins, straws, anything that you might need on the go either for yourself or your children.

Once you’ve got your car organized, make it a goal to clean it out once a week! This keeps the mess from building up…and keeps you from going crazy every time you get into your car!