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Starbucks Japan Released A New Santa Boot Chocolate Frappuccino

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If you are getting sick of the traditional peppermint mocha and other seasonal offerings, you can order from the Starbucks Secret Menu or fly to Japan to give this New Santa Boot Chocolate Frappuccino a try!

Starbucks Japan

This new Christmas drink is loaded with some crazy ingredients, are you ready for it…


Starbucks Japan’s new Santa Boots Chocolate Frappuccino® is stuffed full of tasty favorites like chocolate, cookies, and even potato chips! 


Yes, potato chips!

The holiday delight is made with a rich base of chocolatey sauce and chocolate chips, topped with crispy salted potato chips, and finished with an edible cookie straw — all of your most beloved childhood treats brought together in one festive beverage.


The Santa Boots Chocolate Frappuccino is available beginning December 4 for a limited time at Starbucks stores in Japan.

If you are lucky enough to be traveling to Japan for the holidays you need to grab one of these and let us know how it is!


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