This Company Will Deliver French Macarons Straight To Your Door and I’m Getting Some Now

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I have ALWAYS loved macarons. So much so, that I pretty much buy them anytime I see them. They’re just so tiny and cute, not to mention incredibly delicious! You’ll feel like France has been brought to your door!

Ma-ka-rohn is a company set out to do just that! According to their page:

We are striving to bring macarons into their full glory and share our passion with America.

God bless them for that!


Ma-ka-rohn creates freshly baked, unique, and beautiful macarons that can be delivered nationwide! You can buy these in “sweetheart” packs of twelve, or you can pick your own amount! They even offer free shipping after you buy a certain amount!


From American Flavors to Classic French, all of our macarons are here to tempt your taste buds.
Our ever changing menu will have rotating flavors to keep your palate pleased.


I am SO impressed by the different flavors they have available and I can’t decide which ones to try first! The decision is WAY too hard. You’ll understand when you see what they have to offer.


Just to name a few flavors that popped out to me and had me slightly salivating, they have: Over the Rainbow (Lucky Charms themed), Toasted Marshmallow, Rose, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Honey Lavender, Fruity Pebble, Galaxy Milky Way, Cotton Candy, and Birthday Cake. (And that’s not even HALF of them!)


The uniqueness of flavors is what has me so drawn to this company. I literally want one of every kind. There isn’t a single flavor that sounds bad!


You can place a one time order on these macarons or get yourself a subscription box so you can have these incredible goodies at your doorstep every month! (That sounds like a dream!)


They even offer gluten-free options as well as dairy-free options, so at this point, what is holding you back?!?


These macarons are only $1.99 each, with sales on certain quantities or subscriptions, so they are affordable, beautiful, convenient, and totally Instagram worthy with every bite. What are you waiting for?


So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Ma-ka-rohn and get your hands on some of these tasty treats!


Which one are you most excited to try? For me, it’s definitely the Rose flavor. Wine flavored items just have my heart! Comment the one you want to try the most below!


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