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Starbucks Released A Teal Green Cactus Mug That’ll Make Your Morning Coffee Look Sharp

Starbucks has innovated yet another mug for coffee lovers to dunk their cookies in or to stir their sugar with.

This mug inspired by the dry dessert is surrounded by pointy edges with a bright teal green base color.

Courtesy of Ebay

Here’s introducing, the cactus mug from the Happy Hedgehog Starbucks collection!

Courtesy of Ebay

The new glass mug uniquely resembles the shape of a cactus and is complete with a long wooden saucer and a happy hedgehog sitting right on the top of the wooden tray.

Courtesy of Ebay

The wooden tray can be used for show or as it is widely used, to protect furniture surfaces from hot coffee mugs.

Courtesy of Ebay

You can currently get the teal green cactus mug complete with the wooden tray from Starbucks on Ebay for $55, so you can make your sip of coffee look sharp come Monday morning!

Courtesy of @starbucksbymm

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