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States Are Banning Those Funny Highway Signs And Driving Is About To Get Boring

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Boo. They take away all our fun!

The feds are banning those funny electronic messages on highway signs — the ones we see posted all over social media.

You know, those hilarious highway signs that say things like, “Hands on the wheel, not your meal.”

The powers that be think that the overhead electronic signs — the ones with obscure meanings, references to pop culture, or those intended to be funny — can be a distraction to drivers.

There is some thought that these signs might be misunderstood, and kind of defeat the purpose of having the sign in the first place.

I mean, nobody asked me, but I tend to pay more attention to the funny signs.

In a new 1,100 page manual put out by The U.S. Federal Highway Administration — I bet that’s a fun read — it says that states have 2 years to implement the new sign laws to include messages that are precise and to the point.

They say that the highway signs must now be “simple, direct, brief, legible and clear.”

Why are you trying to have the federal government come in and tell us what we can do in our own state? Prime example that the federal government is not focusing on what they need to be.

Rep. David Cook

Driving is about to get a little less fun.

Take pictures of the hilarity while you can!!

By 2026 states are going to be forced to make the move to boring highway signs.

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