Emmy Award Winners Will Receive An Award At Their House From Someone Wearing A Tuxedo Hazmat Suit

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It’s no secret that this year has been strange and well, awful. But some things must go on just like the annual Emmy Awards.


In case you didn’t know, The Emmy Awards are tonight and they will be a bit different this year.


One thing in particular is that you will see people wearing Tuxedo Hazmat Suits At The Emmy Awards! Yes, hazmat suits.


Why? Well, of course, it’s because of the dang virus.

The tuxedo hazmat suits (above) were created by costume designer Katja Cahill and executive producer Guy Carrington.

The two worked together with a hazmat manufacturer to create these suits for the show to “ensure the health and safety of all of our winners and the presenter by following all of the health and safety protocols — with a twist.”


According to a news release, these hazmat suits are “keeping it safe and classy” during the ceremony for trophy presenters who will visit the homes of the winners live during the ceremony.

Isn’t that cool? I actually think this was a genius idea!


So don’t be alarmed if you see these hazmat suits pop up throughout the show.

You can watch The 72nd Emmy Awards hosted by Jimmy Kimmel tonight at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on ABC.


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