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Target is Selling Brain Hot Cocoa Bombs That Turn Your Milk Pink

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Do you have any little zombies or monsters running around your home, that are anxiously awaiting Halloween… brains brains brains…

I happen to have some zombies running around in the teenage phase and still love Halloween.

They may not go trick-or-treating anymore, but they still want to dress up and participate in the festivities.

I was thinking about making them a unique basket of goodies this year for Halloween and I have found some super cool Halloween things that I know they would love.

Target is always a hot spot to find cool things for Halloween, whether it be decorations, costumes, or food and drinks.


Right now they are selling Brain Hot Cocoa Bombs!

Everyone loves a fun cocoa bomb right?

This Brain Hot Cocoa Bomb is from Hyde & EEK! Boutique and comes in a pack of three fun brain-shaped cocoa bombs.

Each “brain” dissolves in warm milk and is filled with mini marshmallows that will release into your cup as the brain melts.

As it melts into the milk and you stir it, it ends up turning your milk into a pink mug of hot cocoa and it’s so fun!

You can buy your own 3 pack of Brain Hot Cocoa Bombs from Hyde & EEK! Boutique at Target right now and I’m totally on my way to get some!

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