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Tennessee Is Giving Away Free Flight Vouchers For You To Come And Visit

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It is time to take a trip to Tennessee. Check this out!!

Tennessee — one of my FAVORITE states in all of the U.S. — wants to entice more people to visit, and they are being more generous about it than ever.

There is a new program, put on by Governor Bill Lee and Brad Paisley, and it is being dubbed as “Tennessee on Me.”

With this program, you can get A FREE FLIGHT VOUCHER just by booking a stay at one of Tennessee’s most popular big cities!

I’m not talking about taking a vacation to a city you have never heard of — although that is fun too — you can choose to stay in Chattanooga, Knoxville, Memphis, or Nashville.

I would be absolutely giddy to visit any one of the cities!! Nashville is just about my favorite place on earth — after Disney World, of course.

This is not a joke — you can actually get a free flight voucher (up to $250) just by booking at least a two-night stay in one of these awesome cities.

And, you get to choose your airlines — American, Delta, or Southwest — not some no-name airline that you have never heard of before.

Now, you KNOW these tickets aren’t going to last long! There are 10,000 vouchers up for grabs, and I definitely want one of them to be mine!!

Package reservations must be booked before September 15, 2021 at one of the participating hotels.

Tennessee On Me

You have about 6 months to travel, because you have to book your vacation sometime between July 11, 2021 to December 30, 2021.

I see a long vacay weekend in your future!!

Taking advantage of this deal is as easy as going to Tennessee On Me, and booking your hotel stay.

You will choose your hotel dates, choose a participating hotel, and select your airline voucher. VOILA — That’s it!

There are just a couple more conditions — but they are totally no big deal.

One of your two nights must include a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday — no prob, right?!?

You have to travel before December 31st of this year — again, that’s not a deal breaker!!

You have to pay in-full at the time you book the vacation.

AND, you have to be at least 21 to book the vacation.

You got this!! Now, go book your vacation before all the FREE FLIGHT VOUCHERS fly out of here!!

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