The CDC Announced That Cruise Ships Still Have To Remain Docked For At Least 100 Days

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If you have a cruise planned any time soon, you may be out of luck.

On Thursday, the CDC (Center For Disease Control) extended an order that docked all cruise ships until further notice.

As you may know, these floating petri dishes were the unfortunate recipients of NUMEROUS cases of Covid-19. Some of these ships were STUCK floating off the coast, while passengers and crew were aboard getting sick — some even passing away on board.

The CDC is probably very wise in extending this no-sail order, as people on cruise ships can’t really practice effective social distancing very well.

The cruise ships can’t set sail again until:

1) The Department of Health and Human Services makes the announcement that COVID-19 is no longer a health catastrophe
2) The director of the CDC decides it is again safe to sail, and lifts the no-sail ban.
3) 100 days go by from the time the latest no-sail order is published in the Federal Register.

Only one of those things has to happen in order for the cruise ships to again set sail.

Did you know that 80,000 crew are still onboard cruise ships that are docked? You think YOU have it rough? These people are STUCK on boats that are going NOWHERE.

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