The Senate Is Set To Propose Cutting Unemployment Benefits By $400. Here’s What We Know.

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Today is the day we have been waiting for… The day that the Senate introduces a new stimulus package.

Part of the package includes what to do with the unemployment benefits that have expired as of this week.

Up until now, the unemployed would receive $600 in additional benefits every week due to the pandemic. However, it is being said that the new opening bid today would ask for $200 instead, cutting the benefits by $400.

So, why are they cutting it so drastically?

Well, apparently there are many who believe that the extra $600 a week has made it so people don’t want to work. Why? Simply because they make more for not working.

Now, while that may be partially true, it also doesn’t change the fact that people will still pay taxes on those benefits. So while it gives more money to Americans now, it will change the way taxes and tax refunds look next year.

For most recipients of the $600 unemployment benefit enhancement from the last stimulus bill, the final checks went out a few days ago. The deadline is July 31, 2020.

So, now is the time for the Senate to come to an agreement or things are about to get really bad especially for those who are unemployed.

The stimulus package is expected to be released this afternoon so we will update you as we know more.

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  1. I got laid off about 2 weeks ago I just started getting unemployment with them taking the $600. a week will leave me in a big bind

  2. I lost my job due to no funding for the company I worked for. Lost all my health benefits . My regular unemployment isn’t even a third of what I made normally

  3. They need to leave the 600 I’ve heard that they will give you 70% of your income if they take the 600 away why me at $6000 last year because I was in school and working two part-time jobs my bills come to $2000 every month I get to 34 week without the 600 I am back to work part time and I only make five to $700 part-time I own my own business as an aesthetician the work is just not there and there’s some services that I can’t do that $600 every week is the only thing keeping my rent paid and my car payment and food on the table if they lower it any lower I won’t be able to pay my bills

    1. It’s sad that, they only focus is people don’t want to go back to work. So we can live off $600 unemployment.. umm our jobs not even letting us come back. I totally understand what your saying. Let’s stay in prayer together. God Bless You

  4. I think they should keep the $600 people that get called back to work will loose it if they do not go back. People need that to make it each month.

    1. I absolutely agree!! We didn’t ask the virus to come, and the whole situation is crazy. We have to social distance, at my job it’s just not that easy. So we all are not coming back til further notice. So yes run the $600