The Super Bowl Field is So Slippery, NFL Players Are Getting Hurt and Having to Change Gear

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Wow, I can’t even imagine trying to play on a Super Bowl field that isn’t made to be played on.

What I mean is, the Super Bowl announcers admitted the field is slippery after people noticed how many players were slipping on it.


In fact, it’s so slippery, Patrick Mahomes re-injured his ankle and had to limp off the field.

And it’s been mentioned that players are possibly having to change gear so they don’t continue to slip and get hurt.

And the thing is, it’s unacceptable and people are upset.

And it’s really scary that these players are getting hurt too…

Did you know that the Super Bowl Field cost $800,000 and took two years to prepare the grass for tonight’s game at the Super Bowl?

According to reports, the grass was grown at a local sod farm in Phoenix and was installed two weeks ago.

Not to mention, the amount of care that went into it because the field has been rolled out each morning for daily sunshine.

So, a lot of prep went into this field for it to basically be horrible conditions for the players.

Lets hope nobody else gets seriously hurt tonight during the remaining time of the game!

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