Fans Are Convinced Rihanna Is Pregnant Again After Her Super Bowl Performance

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Okay, so Rihanna did great with her performance at the Super Bowl Half Time Show…

But, everyone couldn’t help but notice that it looks like she may be pregnant again…

Adriana Sanz

I think what really made me think that was when she was caught sort of rubbing her tummy as she sang while on the platform.

And all over social media, everyone is wondering if this was her big reveal during her super bowl performance.

While most believe she is expecting again, others are convinced it’s her postpartum body healing naturally…

But for the fans convinced she may be pregnant again, people were so concerned about her being so high up on the floating platform while performing.

So, as of right now, Rihanna has not confirmed that she is or isn’t pregnant.

Either way, she did a great job performing at the Super Bowl this year.

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